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How to Get Google Analytics Code

How to Get the Google Analytics code and put it on the Web Your Online Store 
  1. Visit
  2. Click the Access Analytics. You can log in using your Google email account. If you do not already have a Google email account, click Create an account now
  3. Complete data is available on the website of your online store such as: URL, Account Name, Time Zone Country / Territory, Country and Time Zone, then click the Continue button
  4. The next step you have to fill in contact information such as: First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Country. Click the Continue button again
  5. Check on the writings Yes, i agree to the aboves terms and conditions and click Create New Account, then you will get the Google Analytics code.
  6. Copy an existing Google Analytics code in the box under the heading "Use this tracking code ...". Here's the code you want to paste in your online store website.

    How to install Google Analytics code on the Web Your Online Store:
    1. Login to the Administrator menu to your online store website
    2. Front Page on the menu, find the section titled Footer
    3. Paste the Google Analytics code on the part of Google Analytics Script
    4. Press the Submit button

    Install a new blogger template to your Dashboard

    How to install a new blogger template to your Dashboard?
    Please follow the step by step "How to Install a new template to your Blogger Dashboard" below;

    Download a blogger template and Upload or Install to your Dashboard

    I hope the article "Install a new template for your blogger dashboard" succeed without any problems. Thank

    Reverse The Deleted Blog

    Your blog erased accidentally and did not know how to restore it? Here I want to share tips reverse the blogs that were deleted, and this is not too difficult

    Now you go to the Dashboard, and you will see a list of your blog, some may still be hidden (at the bottom of the list to your blog may be a statement such as - "showing 6 of 8 blogs" with 2 hidden):

    Reverse The Deleted Blog
    Click on "Show All" to list all your blogs, including blogs that were deleted, will be displayed:

     Reverse The Deleted Blog
    Just click on "Undelete this blog" and you would have restored your accidentally deleted blog.

    So .. May you be happier!

    Blogger Template with Slider

    Free blogger blogspot templates using featured content slider and slide show for your blog.

    Blogging Tips, signed by Lorelle VanFossenImage by liewcf via Flickr 

    Theme - Voo Cogozy Magazine

    Theme - Zinmag Monezine

    Theme - Voo Cogozy Magazine

    Theme - Zinmag Monezine

    Top Blogger Template And Themes 2011

    Free download best blogger One and two column templates, blogger themes for 2011

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    Preview          Download